Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Engaging & Uniting Nigerian Teenagers for Youth Issues

Today was a very special day for me and Unveiling Africa. I spent some time with students/Unveiling Africa ambassadors at St Joseph's Secondary School Agege discussing a story I wrote a few years ago about social inequities amongst Nigerian youth and the the need for youth, regardless of their social class to unite together against youth inequities.

At the session, the students pointed out that while social class disparities enables youth to live isolated and parallel lives, what sustains these division and isolation are man-made policies and programs. Consequently, these man-made policies can be challenged and disrupted. To begin this process of lifelong disruption and youth unity, I challenged them to start mobilizing in their school to practice how to unite together to make their school more inclusive of every student.
 They will fill out a questionnaire about their schooling experience and compile their views about how their schools can be improved for all. 

 To extend this further, later in April, the students will organize a Town Hall meeting of sorts to share their views and engage school authorities, local government chairman, state officials and parents on things that will need to change. They will also play host to four other schools in our network who will be charged with the same tasks. The hope with this is that youth remain alert and angered by the normalized and ongoing dehumanization in the Nigerian society but more importantly, see that they are not too young to politically engage and live out their civic obligation of action.


  1. I totally agree with the fact that man-made policies sustain these divisions and I am totally against that. And great work by the way. May God reward you.

  2. in addition to serving as a platform for political action, particularly around issues of ecology and the environment. It has become an acceptable if not entirely respectable way of knowing and acting in the world African animism